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Feature Film
Josiah David Warren
Stephen BaldwinJosiah WarrenTaylor Murphy
God Sees...God Hears...Nothing Is Hidden A dramatic story of relentless faith and courage set against the criminal world of human trafficking. Run is a dramatic thriller following Levi, a young businessman who marries the love of his life, Natalie Winters (Taylor Murphy), a passionate journalist who reports on human trafficking and fights to expose it. On their wedding night Natalie is kidnapped to be sold into slavery by the very men she’s investigating. When authorities prove to be of little help, Levi goes on the hunt for his wife, chasing clues wherever he can find them, leading him to Jeff Conners (Stephen Baldwin) a merciless crime lord. Will Levi be able to find his wife before she is transported out of the country to be sold? Only with the help of God can Levi and Natalie find the strength and faith to fight the evil that has shattered their lives. “The satisfying conclusion of this movie offers hope; Run is a timely film with an important message.” – Dove Foundation Starring: Stephen Baldwin (The Usual Suspects), Josiah Warren (Who Am I?), Taylor Murphy (Everybody Wants Some)